What are braids?

Q: What are Cornrows?
A: Cornrows are sections of hair which is braided usually flat to the scalp. It is a hairstyle in which the hair is divided into cornrow sections arranged in rows.
Q: What is Weaving?
A: A weave is when you braid your hair to create tracks on your scalp in which you sew onto your head. You will feel it's a bit tight at the beginning but  after a few days that tight feeling will stop.
Q: How long can you keep weaving extensions?
A: You can keep it up to a month or longer and that depends on how fast your hair grows and how you take care of it. When the tracks are no longer  close to your scalp. I recommend you get it renewed after the said period to prevent matting and tangling.
Q: What are Braids?
A: Braids are hair styles that weaves three strands of hair together. All three strands of hair will be worked into individual plaits to get this look. You can either use your natural hair or have extensions added to it.
Braids  protects your strands from damage and also help you grow your hair.
Braids are great for any season or occasion!
As you may know,  braids are great protective hairstyle that gives your hair a rest and allows it to grow while maintaining a cute style that can be worn in different ways with different patterns.
-Braids also entails a commitment you need to make and keep.
Braids are unique like any other hair style and very easy to maintain.
Q:How long can you keep your Braids?
A: You could  keep them up to 3 months or more with proper care while maintaining your night routine before bed.
I advise you don’t keep them for much longer period and get them removed to prevent the risk of matting and tangling.
However, I recommend you come back to Susan’s place  to get them removed if you experience tangling or is due for renewal/removal .